Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Four Seasons: They always change, as should your life

Today is my anniversary and I'm congratulating myself for a personal accomplishment that only I understand.

A year ago today, I was driving south to start my new life in the North Carolina. I had the car packed to the top and drove the 14 hours from New Hampshire to Lake Norman and I was excited.
Some believed I made the move a tad bit early, that I could've waited one more summer, that I could've done this or that but I made my mind up based on the information I had available at that time.
I had been vacationing in the Carolina's for seven years because my sister has lived here and the more I visited, the more connected I felt. Something in my heart told me that I needed to be here.
Moving from one state to another isn't easy, especially when the states are a days drive apart from each other. Finding a job is hard and finding a job in a tight economy is even harder but I knew then, had I not taken the plunge when I did, I may have spent the rest of my life saying, "One day I'll move to Charlotte."
I've missed a lot of opportunities and given up on a lot of goals due to the 'one day will be the right day,' attitude.

When I moved my heart was set on building a new life, one more stable and serene.
I didn't know anyone except for my sister, niece and my brother-in-law. One personal goal was to build a stronger bond with them, to be their friend and to be much closer to my niece. I take my role as aunt seriously and I'd love to be a positive force in this young girls life. That goal is a work still in progress.

I knew life in the south would be different. I had seen the differences in the seven years I've visited. The area I moved to wasn't strange nor was it unfamiliar. I knew the transition would be a bit of a challenge, I didn't have friends but I knew where I liked to eat; where the gym was and where to shop. I knew I loved being by the lake and I foresaw a life built around a 'lakers' lifestyle. A word I made up just now meaning, spending days going for boat rides or maybe jet skiing or just simply, sitting by the lake beach and vegging. I got that part down pat.

I was warned that small town people in the area were different and I was prepared for slower more casual living. In my life, I've lived in the busy Boston city and was in love with city living. In the 26 years I did live in NH, I never adopted to the lifestyles of a Granite Stater and I had my dreams to get away come true with my move to Boston and then my move to Albany, New York. Life in Upstate, NY wasn't easy nor was it fun, my memories of my time there are filled with unhappy and exhausting days of stress and anxiety. Those feelings have subsided since I've left the Empire State.

I didn't set certain expectations but I set goals to work toward. I allowed myself to go with the flow and that's when I met my neighbors. I didn't expect Charlotte to have a hot and happening night life but it's a busy exciting city and I've explored it. Luckily, I found my group of friends faster than a stable job. I've said it time and time again, had I not found friendships or a comfortable place to hang out, I may have run away and quit. My social and night life is not a priority and without it I'm happy but without it, I wouldn't have the support I needed and need to get through the hard days I've faced to find the job I need. I have found temporary employment but I've yet to find permanent work.

I've also made my writing dreams come true, there's more do and more to discover as a NASCAR writer in Race City USA and I'm thrilled to keep on going in that field.(editor's note for those who don't know, the area I live in is nicknamed Race City because this is the hub of NASCAR).

Friendships are the key to success. No one can get ahead in life without a support group that extends beyond your family. Although life hasn't been perfect, I survived and today I'm a stronger more well rounded person for having given myself the chance to move outside of my comfort zone of Boston and New England to the southern states in America.

With my experience, I have learned that if you can survive FOUR hard time seasons, you can survive anything and with all the hardships I've faced financially and economically, I'm proud to see myself still standing with a more positive mind frame than I've ever had in my life.
I have friendships from New England and I have family to thank for everything they have done in my time living up north. I will always go back to visit and I'll always remember the ones I've shared my life with when I was in the north east, however, the friendships and partnerships I'm building are important to me and I can't turn back now.
If I quit now, I'll never accomplish anything meaningful. I'll always 'want' and never see the fruits of my labor.
Today isn't perfect but it's beautiful because anything is possible.
I'm closer to what I want than ever before and the possibility of my wildest dreams coming true are in process, yes, I said process.

I'm not complete but that's okay because I'm living a life; I'm experiencing life and it's filled with pain and happiness and I've learned that the richness of life is beyond the things we stress about on a day to day basis. God put me here because he has a plan for me and I intend to follow that path because I believe I can handle the hardships I'm faced with as well as that success that I've been wanting.

I have one goal to reach right now, realistically, I need a permanent day job to live and that's all I need to be complete. Once that goal is reached, I can become whole again because it'll allow me to live more carefree.

Today, I accept myself as I am and I'll stay true to me, I was born to live an uncommon life.
My life is a journey and I'm a person who loves to explore and learn; I'm adventurous and spontaneous and I thrive on change. Life's not a destiny nor should there be a day when you are so complete that you stop reaching for more.
Settle with moving on, learning more and reaching for more. Be content with the changing and the unknown, life itself has never stood still, the four seasons are never the same, nor should the way you live your life.

I will not run away North Carolina, I'm here to stay.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Single & Happy

Living single is what you make of it. It can suck and it can be boring and a bit lonely, or you could be like me and make your single life exciting and entertaining.
I love to be single, sometimes a little bit too much but it works for me and I'm happy.
I will always find a way to keep myself busy enough to not feel so lonely that I can't live with myself; I will never feel the need to date 'just anyone' to distract myself from being alone.
I recently read a book about a woman who calls herself a 'serial monogamist.' In other words, the minute she's single, she meets someone else to date. She can't live with herself so she needs someone else to be with to avoid being alone.
A lot of women are like this, they prefer to be in a relationship and are willing to give up everything just to have a boyfriend. These women eventually wake up to find themselves starring at a stranger in their mirror. Or worse, they realize they are with a scary, abusive and dangerous man.
I'm a 'serial singleton.' In other words, I enjoy being single so much that never really find reasons to date anyone and most times, I'll find ways to do things alone, instead of being with a group of people.
I consider myself to be the 'Queen of Girls Night Out' because there's always something to do with the ladies. There's a chic flick to watch, a salon has a special for mani's and pedi's...wine night at the wine bar, you name it, a night in or out with the girls has always been on my priority list. Just about every birthday I've hosted for myself, I made it a "Girls Only" affair.
I can do better all by myself. I've found that the biggest successes I've had in life happened when I was absolutely all alone, with no one there to either turn to or to distract me. It's much easier to fall into 'tunnel vision' when there's no one around that begs for your attention and the best part is, you reach your goals.
Is it lonely up there on the top of your game?
It all depends on how you look at it.
It's important to know what's more important to you and when you sit down and think about it, remember, the reason you made it to the top alone is because the people you left behind didn't believe in you and didn't want you to make it to the top.
The woman who succeed in both career and relationships are the ones who have confident boyfriends who aren't afraid to date a woman whose light shines as bright or not brighter than his does.
Remember ladies, the right man will never want to dim his girlfriend/wife light.
So if you find yourself in first place and alone, trust me, it sure is better than being 'unsuccessful' with those who don't give a shit.
Walk away from those who hold you back and if those people really truly kindheartedly care about you, they won't leave you, they'll find a way to be there and will make sure you get what you want in life.

In the end, I am the girl that would rather be lonely and successful then lonely in relationship; and I'd rather be single with all of myself then to be with someone that wants half of me.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Finding the right dog is as much work as finding the right man

It's been a long time since I've blogged about relationships but I've been thinking of getting on that wagon again.

A few months ago I wanted to adopt a dog. The thought of being a dog owner appealed to me more and more everyday. Every time I went for a run, I'd pass by dog owners and I'd feel a bit envious that I didn't have one. I was up late one night looking through dog websites to find out which dog breed I wanted. I know what I like when I see it, but, would a specific breed fit me and my life style? I was amazed how much information I found about dogs and making sure that I found the right breed for me.

Then I came across a site, NextDayPets.com, and they have a "BreedMatch" section on their site. I was surprised by it but I fell for it.
There's a section for you to write what kind of dogs you have and what kind of life you live. For example, do you like long hair or short hair? Do you prefer a big dog or a smaller one and most importantly, do you want one that needs more or less exercise?
I discovered that the dogs that best match my life are not the ones I think to be cute. For example, I love the T-Cups, Westies and the Pugs. However, these pups don't need to be athletic and don't like to go out for long runs much. Bummer.

Not long after my search for a dog, I met a man and not online. I met him while doing something I love to do, hanging out at and watching a race.

I once tried online dating and the good it did for me is that made me understand what I really wanted in a man but it didn't help me find the right one that much easier.
So I doubt "BreedMatch" will either.
It's odd how finding a the right man and the right dog is hard work. I personally seem to have a challenge finding the right man and dog that likes to get out for exercise.
Like men, the cute dogs aren't usually the right ones for you either.

Monday, June 20, 2011

A healthy life is my style

I have the skills and tools, advice and knowledge to help you with your exercise and weight control goals.
I have the experience and education to help you make your skinny goals come true.
I'm able to train you to understand food and nutrition so that you can lower your blood pressure and cholesterol levels.
I can even help you train for a competition if you'd like.
I know how to inspire and motivate you.

Working out is my passion and my lifestyle.
I love and crave healthier foods such as green veggies, proteins and fruits.
I drink more water than I can count and I can come up with recipes for tasty protein shakes and snacks.

I can design and work out plan for you.
I can help you count your calories and keep you on top of your routine in both food and exercise so that you can lose those stubborn pounds.

Working out is my passion and my lifestyle.
The question I have for you, even if you want my help, can you commit yourself to following through?

It's unfortunate that we'll run into more negative people who do not want to discipline themselves.
It's unfortunate that we'll run into unhappy people who couldn't focus enough to reach their goals.
It's unfortunate that we run into people who blame everything and everyone else for their problems as opposed to taking personal responsibility.

I've run into a lot of people who looked down on me when I turned down pizza or junk food in exchange for healthy food. These same people rolled their eyes and called me 'insane' when they heard that I woke up early in the morning to work out; went to the gym after work for a second work out and then complained about my going to the gym again on Saturday and Sunday's. These same people called me crazy when I told them my favorite out of the gym hobbies were swimming, roller-blading and running, as well as writing about it.

When a non-disciplined and non-committed person meets a motivated well adjusted person, the negative one will do everything to knock down the stronger person.

Because they are insecure and want you to be insecure to. They can't, so why should you? Negativity is stronger and more powerful then positivity.

That goes back in time to the beginning of the Bible even. When GOD told Adam and Eve to NOT eat the apple.
The SNAKE then came out and told Adam and Eve that it was okay to eat the apple.
Eve, being the woman that she is, decided to listen to the snake.
God was then disappointed in her weakness and decided to punish her an all women from that day forward.

I am like Eve. I caved and gave in to the snakes that crossed my path.
Why? Because I have a habit of trying to be nice and friendly and create peace with the haters.

The biggest mistake and the biggest regret I have to date is that I didn't ignore those people and I didn't keep moving forward and spend more time with people who complimented my lifestyle and work ethics.

I failed myself and my health.

I take that responsibility and I'll tell you what, I forgive myself.
I tried to help these people and gave these negative people a chance to change their life and to live healthier and stronger but they didn't want to join me. I joined them for a short time but their ways got old quick and I had to give up on the negative people.
These people are no longer in my life for a reason.

Now, I still have a healthy heart and body. I still have the knowledge, tools and experience to train myself and to train you.

Do you want to live a healthier lifestyle?
Do you want to be in control of your weight, your blood pressure and cholesterol?
Do you want to feel good, be flexible and enjoy an active life?

Well, go ahead, ask me, I can help you! Trust me, an active, athletic life is worthwhile and exciting. Once you're on the wagon, you can fall off but you'll always want to get back on.

When you tell me that everyone is making rude and disrespectful comments about your drive and motivation, I'll understand you because I've been there.

Don't make the mistakes I made, don't listen to the nay-sayers. Walk away from them and walk toward me. I will not let you down. Are you ready?

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Your team wins and fans run wild

Last night was the final game for the National Hockey League's Stanley Cup Championships. It was meant to be a historic win in the NHL for either team. Boston Bruins and Vancouver Cunucks were fighting for the win and took it all the way the final game of the series. Both teams played their best and in the end, it was the Boston Bruins who won the title. This was historic for them because it's been since 1972 since the Bruins won the Cup and for the Canucks, they haven't won one since their team was born in 1970.

I would not have watched any of the games had it not been for the man I'm dating. He is a hockey player and fan. He records the game on his DVR and we watched it long after the game started. I had turned off the computer and phone so I wouldn't accidentally find out before the end of the game; being a Boston, Massachusetts fan, I knew I was rooting for the Bruins. Had it not been for them, I may have cheered on the underdog Canucks.

I did not drink let alone get drunk, nor did I cheer or scream, I didn't even get up and dance. I was happy for Boston and of coarse, the Bruins.

My first reaction when the game ended was how odd it was to see the fans still in the stands to watch the Bruins get their Cup. From what I saw, they booed the Chairman who gave the award to Boston but when they skated around the ice with the Cup in their hands, all I could hear were cheers coming from the crowd. They cheered when their very own resident, who plays for the Bruins, got the Cup. It was almost as if the fans were more happy to see a team win.
I could only imagine what the streets of Boston looked like, I had not stopped to think of what was happening on the streets of Vancouver.

My cousin from Montreal had called and left a message on cell phones voicemail to congratulate my team. Little did he know, I wasn't partying or drinking, I was sitting quietly, watching with a smile on my face, happy that the city I call my home had their seventh Championship in ten years for all four professional sports. The New England Patriots won 2001, 2004 and 2005 Super Bowls. The Boston Red Sox won the 2004 and 2007 World Series and the Boston Celtics have won the 2008 NBA Title and now, the Bruins are the 2011 NHL Champions. A victory for die hard hockey fans, a historic moment for them indeed. Think of it, seven titles in ten years. Bostonians are athletes for sure, there's no denying it and their fans are loyal, committed and extremely supportive. In the years I lived in Beantown, I had never heard a lot of cheers for the Bruins.

In 2004 my cousins and I watched the Super Bowl in Kenmore Square; at a bar across the street from Fenway Park. After the game, the fans poured out of bars and cheered the Patriots victory. As a matter of fact, I stayed in the bar a tad bit longer to watch Tom Brady's interview and he said and I can't directly quote him because it's been awhile since I heard it but he did tell the residents of Boston to be careful with their city. The fans didn't hear, they stood in the middle of the streets and started a bonfire in which they danced around. There was a lot of rioting and partying all over the city.
That fall, when the Red Sox finally beat the New York Yankee's in for the Championship and a chance to head to the World Series, fans were out of control. I had not gone out that night, but, I'm sure I would've picked a bar in Kenmore Square, on Lansdown Street. I will forever be grateful I had not done so.
After the game, as expected, fans poured out from everywhere. I can't tell you the details but I know the crowds were celebrating the victory a little too much and the cops came out in full force, with paint guns and all. One cop fired and hit a girl in the eye, she died immediately.

That year, I apologize for not remembering which game it was (Patriots or a Sox victory) somewhere around Northeastern College Campus, a teen was walking across the street while everyone was celebrating and a car drove by and hit him, he later died. The driver of the car never stopped or turned his self in.

Since the news of those incidences broke out, I've forever been fascinated with fans. I want to understand society a bit more and the fascination fans have and the obsession people have for athletes, teams and celebrities alike.
In 2005, during the Patriots Super Bowl, the city of Boston was empty. Cops were out and ready to arrest anyone who tried to act up. The celebrations were at home instead of out in public. In 2008 for the Celtics victory, the crowd was controlled but still celebrating outside on the streets. Last night, Boston fans cheered everywhere they could and according the news reports, only two arrests were made.

In Vancouver, British Columbia, hurt and angry fans decided to riot and tear the city apart.
I ask, what is the point of turning cars over and starting fires in the streets to destroy public property? The last time I heard of this destructive behavior was in Montreal, when the Montreal hockey team either won or lost the Stanley Cup. I also heard this kind of destruction happened during a Guns n'Roses and Metellica concert in Montreal.
It was not the only time or place that things like that happen.
In soccer, fans riot and act dangerously, people die from celebratory victories or from the upset they feel for losing.
That behavior doesn't make sense to me.

So far, in NASCAR I've noticed the rivalry is different. Sure it's out there between fans, especially on the teams Facebook and twitter pages.
Fans hate Kyle Busch and make it obvious.
Fans also hate Dale Jr and they razz out JR Nation.

My question is: "Why? Why the destructive and hateful behavior?"

Monday, June 13, 2011

Always follow your instincts, always

Being the 'creature of habit' that I am, there are times when being off schedule rocks my day. From this day forward, I promise to stick to my first instincts.

I woke up a few minutes later then I wanted to because my alarm simply didn't ring. I was wide awake and ready to go; I had an appointment in Charlotte at the District Court to reduce a speeding ticket I got for driving 11 miles over right after passing the sign that indicated the change (I'm not lying, I got pulled over right after passing the sign) and I didn't want to be late this morning. I left the house before drinking cup of coffee, I wanted to go to Starbucks or Panera or better yet, Port City Java, unfortunately, that was mistake number one.

Instinct 1: Make and drink at least one cup of coffee before leaving the house,
for any reason, especially early in the morning. It is my habit to drink a cup every day before leaving the house, I shouldn't break that one any time soon.
I wasn't too tired so I trusted I'd make it to the city, patiently and in one piece.

Instinct 2: Stop by the ATM machine before getting on 77.
As I drove down Sam Furr Road, I changed my mind and drove by the bank. I figured I'd wait til I got to Charlotte to withdraw the cash I needed because the court house only accepts cash, I don't know why I thought that waiting to get there was a good idea.
To my luck, traffic wasn't bad and I got to my destination without a problem or losing my patients. I arrived an hour and a half before the actual time I needed to be there.
I drove around the area looking for parking, then I decided to park in the garage I had always parked in last winter when I worked at the Hearst Tower. So off I went to Seventh Street Garage knowing I'd park on the third floor hill in the same spot (as last winter). When I pulled in the garage, I noticed the Early Bird Parking for $5 sign was missing. I remembered last winter, there were days that they forgot to put up the sign and I still paid $5 for 9 hours of parking. As I pulled in the garage, I worried that the $5 special wasn't available anymore. I took a deep breath believing it was and moved on.

Instinct 3: If you don't see the sign, don't proceed forward. As predicted, I parked in the same spot I parked in almost every day last winter. I knew the bank wasn't too far away, so off I went walking down the street hearing my five inch heels clickity click on the pavement.
I made it to the ATM machine in a short time and after withdrawing my cash, I walked across the street to finally get a cup of coffee. As I crossed the street, I realized I forgot my receipt.

Instinct 4: Always get your receipt from the ATM machine.

I walked in the coffee shop and was greeted by the wonderful smell of coffee and pastry. I ordered my coffee and bagel and was out the door in minutes.

I'm a former city girl and walking the many blocks to the courthouse wasn't too bad of an idea, what was a bad idea was drinking hot coffee. Haven't I learned in the past year that it gets very hot in the south, especially when you have to walk a long distance?

Instinct 5: Always order ice coffee between the months of May to November when taking long walks in Charlotte.

I arrived at the courthouse at 8:15 and I was proud of myself for being on time. I sat on a shaded bench to finish my coffee and bagel and when I was done, I was ready to face the judge.

I walked in the building and the AC hit me immediately, it was a nice relief. I walked through the security and the alarm went off. I was told to take my shoes off. I shook my head but took my shoes off anyway.I walked through again and this time, without a problem.
Then the security guard asked, "Ma'am do you have a camera in your purse?"

"Yes," I answered.

"Well, you can't take that in here and we can't hold it for you."

I looked at him shocked and surprised. Quietly and polietly I informed him that I needed to be there in time for nine and my car was parked on Seventh Street.

"That's okay," said the second security officer with a grin plastered across his face.
He was so polite and I couldn't think of what to say next. I showed him my ticket.

"It's administrative and there's no set time for that," he explained patiently, "you can come back at two if you want and it won't matter."
He noticed the look of confusion on my face.
"They just set the time for nine so that they can get things rolling in order. Don't worry, trust me, you won't be late okay."

I trusted this man and walked out of the court politely saying goodbye to both guards. I was thinking however how stupid of a rule that was but still,I should have emptied the unnecessary contents in my purse and kept my wallet, keys and phone in there.
I walked back to the car upset, hot and wouldn't you know it, with sore toes.
By the time I made it to the garage, I felt the sweet run down my back and my calf's were burning.

I sat in my car and that's when I understood that following your instincts is always the best idea.

I looked in my purse and realized my debit card was missing. I didn't believe it at first so I searched. Shit. I knew I should've followed my instinct to get the damn receipt, I probably would've seen my debit card in the damn machine had I decided to hit "yes, I want receipt" button on the machine.

Then I drove around the garage and made it to the exit to pay and I bet you guessed it, the $5 Early Bird deal was no longer available. So I paid the $8 fee for the freaking hour and 14 minutes I was parked. I drove away from there, upset with myself for not following my intuition. As I drove down the streets back to the courthouse, I saw signs for cheaper parking lots. I cursed under my breath and this time, I decided to pay the damn $1 at the parking meter across the street from the courthouse.
I have this cute small purse that only holds my cash, cards, cell phone and keys so I put the bigger purse with more valuable things in it like lipsticks, camera's, voice recorders (I'm a journalist, a story could pop out of nowhere), pens, notebooks and glasses in the trunk of my car and walked back to court.

I made it back to the building and the damn line in the entrance was so freaking long. I tried to calm down. I watched the people ahead of me. One guy kept trying to go through the security but it kept beeping at him, so he took his shoes off; then he took his watch off; then he pulled everything out of his pants and it still beeped.
"Damn, is this guy going to get naked?" I silently wondered.
By the time I went through, the security guys had discovered the problem with the gentlemen was with his arm brace, there was a medal in his air cast. Poor guy had to take it off to prove that was the problem. I felt so bad for him. I hope taking it off didn't hurt his arm more.

When I got downstairs, the line to the courtroom for traffic violations was very long. At that point, I wanted to pull my shades over my eyes and cry. I looked around, there were so many people around me and it didn't look as if the line was moving. "Damn, I only have an hour at the freaking meter," the voice in my head said.
The blood was already rushing to my toes and the pain in my feet was becoming more acute. I took a deep breath, being angry wouldn't solve the problem and it would only make the wait longer.

At that very moment, an attorney with a loud voice came out and stood nearby saying, "If you're here with a speeding ticket and you want it reduced come see me I'll take care of it now. But you have to have your ticket with you."

I walked out of line with a smile on my face, the bricks were coming off my shoulders and my feet still hurt but I was one of four standing next to that very nice attorney.
Thank God I had my ticket in my hands. I gave him my ticket and told him I got caught just as the sign changed, he read the citation with a smile on his face and told me he'd reduce it to five over.
I felt relief and smiled as I walked over to the line to pay my freaking speeding ticket.
The line wasn't long and I made it to the cashier feeling a better. She told me my new total, it was only $20 less then the original fee but I wasn't going to complain. Then she asked, "Do you want to pay it today or later?"
"How many more days do I have?"
"Twenty days," she said as friendly as a southern woman gets.

I exhaled, smiled and behaved as politely as she was, "I'll just pay for it now."
I learned that I could've paid for it online. My eyes rolled in the back of my head as I thought, "I didn't even have to go to the damn ATM machine."

After paying, I walked out of there feeling relief. I had only been there ten or fifteen minutes so I walked to my car slowly and forcing myself to control my breathing.

By the time I reached my car, the blood in my legs was rushing so much and the pain was getting more severe. I wondered how long it would take before the numbness kicked in.

I drove back to the area where my bank was; there wasn't much traffic and I found a spot to park within reasonable distance. However, the line in the bank was long with business people who had huge cash deposits.

I stood there patiently hoping the pain in my legs would go away, but it didn't.
By the time I reached the counter,I explained to the Teller what happened and she told me she'd check to see if they had found my card. To my luck, they did. I felt mind relief, not foot relief unfortunately.
I stood there waiting as she filled out the paper work I needed to sign to prove I was the one retrieving my card and decided to compliment her outfit. She did look super cute after all. Besides, complimenting someone always makes me feel better, especially when I'm honest.
We talked some more and I decided to ask if she knew if the bank was hiring. She said yes.
That made me smile and forget the pain in my feet.
She gave me instructions on how to apply.

By the time I walked away, the mornings problems left my mind. I had one more business situation I needed to tend to so I crossed the street to the tower and took the elevator to the 21st floor where the staffing agency I normally do business with is located.
I didn't get to talk to my recruiter, but, the receptionist told me that there was a job opportunity in the works and she'd call me later on.
I walked out of there with a hopeless heart. I've heard that line too many times to believe it.

I called my sister and we made plans to meet at Target. Fast forward to an hour later, I got a call from the staffing agency with a job request. She explained the details of the assignment, the location, salary and company and excitement filled my heart.

"Are you interested and can I forward your resume to the hiring manager?" She asked.

"Yes," I answered honestly. I was feeling a shot of hope in my heart and a shot of pain in my feet. At this point, my toes were blistered, swollen and the skin was ripping.

We ended the call both hoping that this opportunity would work in my favor.

I bought a pair of cheap flip flops to get me through the rest of the day and I'm home now, with my feet up feeling relaxed and calm.
I admit, I'm naive enough to believe I'll get the job; I've heard too many cool things about this place.

The moral of my story is really, always trust your gut instincts and if you're feeling intuitive like I usually do, go with it.

As for wearing heels, well, no amount of pain I'll feel wearing five inch skinny heels will ever be worse then the pain I feel living unemployed with an expensive college loan to pay off.