Tuesday, January 17, 2012

The Third Eye

It's no secret that I'm committed to the practice of yoga. I take a lot of classes, and I've committed to the lifestyle. I know a  lot of people do not believe that committing to something is the key to success, but it is. Whether I train in the gym with the heavy weights, or in aerobics studio, outside running, swimming or just doing something athletic, I'm committed to living a healthy lifestyle. Yoga not only helps keep flexibility, it also stretches the kinks, and releases the toxins from the muscle. It also helps you find balance in your personal life.
With no focus or balance, there's no way you successfully complete the poses you need to do in class.
The practice of yoga also helps you connect with your body. It's when you focus, and zone into your practice that you are able to stretch your muscles further then you think you can.
In yoga, you also get to a point where you open your 'third eye,' - what does that mean?
Simple, it means you are able to think clearer, and see things on a deeper level.
Last week, after an hour and a half class of Hot Yoga, (i.e, in a room that is 104 degrees), I was in a complete 'yoga zone.' I was so relaxed and focused on getting things done, that when I couldn't find my cell phone, I stopped to think to look in an impossible place. It was an instinct that I acknowledged, and had I not acted on my instincts, I would've lost my cell phone for good.

If you're in need of rest, and relaxation; if you're in a place of needing to focus, and in need to learn to balance you're life, I recommend you take yoga.
You can take one class a week, it's all you need.
Start with a slow, basic class. There's no need to dive in, and there's no need to practice as often as I do.You do not need to practice Hot or as others call it, "Bikram" Yoga.
All gyms now offer a class or two of yoga, but most instructors have their own studios. Take a look into it. It may be a bit pricey, but there's no price you should put on your health.
For those of you truly looking to save money, look online for videos. You can also borrow videos and books at your library.

Sunday, January 08, 2012

Something Political to talk about

New Hampshire economy is based on small business's, remember that when voting Tuesday. Fixing the economy is not about creating 'new' type of jobs that the adult worker has never done before, it's about holding on to our jobs. It's about our teachers, nurse's, CNA's, childcare, social workers, dentists, doctors, electricians, plumbers; even our white collar workers like lawyers, paralegals, accountants, those people have a right to own their own practices. Union workers are fine, as so long the union doesn't overstep their boundaries by trying to over take the small business's. It is hard to be against the Union, because they do have jobs and hold on to their employee's, but the Union has caused a lot of problems for the small business's of America. I know this from personal experience, by the way.
I want the government to downsize, and I want the people to choose their own health care, and their own education, their own jobs. This countries debt is embarrassing, and we shouldn't focus on extending unemployment, and we shouldn't be encouraging corporate companies to have 'temporary employment' - we should focus on permanent employment. Corporate America is taking advantage of the employee by hiring them temporarily, and when the worker has been there long enough to need a raise, or benefits, the companies lay them off to hire another temporary worker, the cycle never ends. With that said, I don't believe we need to be in a Union to hold on to jobs, nor do I believe everyone deserves the same salary when each worker has their own experience.
We pay into our unemployment benefits, and it should be available for people who can't get a job, not for people who are on temporary employment because the non-unionized Corporate American business can't retain employees.
 Four years ago, I campaigned for a Presidential Candidate. This year, I do not believe I will campaign for anyone. I have an opinion, and an idea for I will vote for when it's time to vote in North Carolina. I believe you should have a right to pick who you think is the right candidate, however, I want Barack Obama out of office, I did not vote for him in 2008.
As of right now, I have not changed my Political preference on a piece of paper, but I will say this, through experience, I've gained knowledge, and that changes perception; and yes, my Political party preference/opinion has changed since 2008.

Remember, this blog is about the Chapters of my life, so I do believe I'll post more about Politics, exercise, life, maybe dating, and NASCAR. I'm starting two new chapters this year, one is that I'm planning a big deal trip to LA; the second is that I'm not drinking alcohol anymore. So I guess that means my blog will be more interesting as time goes on. I sure do hope you check it out from time to time, and I'm grateful that you do.

Sunday, January 01, 2012

12 Resolutions for 2012

Every year a lot of us make New Years Resolutions, and I hear so many people say that they just can't hold on to those resolutions. I ask, why? I believe you are responsible to follow through on your resolutions, and I believe you should aim to make those come true. I think it's important to face reality, and understand that some obstacles may jump out at us, and we must be prepared to face them head on, and not let them stop us from reaching our goals. Here's a list of some of the things I'd like to 'resolve' this 2012, and I'll add to the list 'why' they may not happen, and on my third list, I'll write 'how' I can make it happen.
There are 12 resolutions that I know I can make happen in the 12 months of 2012! 

In 2012, I Resolve to:
1. Get myself to Los Angeles, California hell or high water; rich, poor, whatever the cost. This dream of mine is 20 years old. Making this a reality is way over-due. I've decided to stop waiting for the perfect moment, and stopped waiting for friends to go with me.
 - Why this might not happen: I am scared to predict what could go wrong that would stop me. I'm only thinking positive thoughts. My question is: Why shouldn't this happen? Why not me?
 - How I can make it happen: To save my money, set a date, book my flight, and hotel early. To not think too much about it, not plan too much, and not worry so much about making it there. To just, 'simply do it!' Also, I've decided that I am not going to visit far away places such as: Canada, NH, Boston, New York, Maine or any other North Eastern state until I visit California. I guess that should be incentive enough.

2. To finish, and publish my book.
- Why this might not happen: I tend to edit it too much, and it's never perfect enough. I over read, over analyze, and over criticize.
- How to make this work: Ask an experienced friend for help. To not be afraid to spend a little bit of money to have it edited.

3. To find a paying writing freelance job or two.
- Why this might not happen: It's very specific, and it's very competitive out there.
- How I can make this happen: To keep applying. To apply in places beyond Charlotte; and maybe beyond NASCAR. Try Fitness sites, magazines.

4. To be a part of media at more than one track.
- Why this might not happen: It can get expensive.
- How I can make this happen: be prepared; plan ahead. Mark my calender.

5. To exercise regularly in weight lifting, running, and yoga. To train others.
- Why this might not happen: There is no reason why it shouldn't. I hope, God forbid that I (do not) injure myself or I fall seriously ill. My back aches may get worse, those three mentions are the only acceptable reasons.
- How I can make this happen: To keep doing what I've been doing. To keep a written schedule. To keep posting video's on my blog (here or on Skirts and Scuffs). To keep my diet in top shape. To keep my ipod updated with motivating music. To keep up with sports messages, and regular doctor visits, especially for my back.

6. To not allow negative people in my life.
- Why this may not happen: Negative people are everywhere, and you sometimes don't know one until you get to know them better.
-How to make this happen: If and when I do meet negative people, ignore them, and not allow them to close in my life.

7. To eat healthier, non-processed foods.
-Why this might not happen:  There is no reason why this can't happen, but I love pizza, lasagna, cheese, and breads.
- How I can make this happen: find substitutes for the above mentioned foods. To limit myself, and keep track of what I do eat, so I can afford to have a pizza, or a slice of lasagna once in awhile.
I am healthy and I work everyday to eat healthy every-day!!!! IN PROCESS

8. To re-design my blog, to build a nice web page.
- Why this might not happen: I don't see why it shouldn't happen.
- How I can make this happen: Set aside a day/night to research pages, to invest a little bit of money, and to have a clear picture as to what I want, and how I'll build it.

9. To forget the past; forgive the bad.  To live in peace.
  - Why this may not happen: There's no reason why this shouldn't happen.
 -  How to make it happen: Focus!

10. To de-clutter my house, and life. To get rid of all the unnecessary junk. 
- Why this may not happen: There's no reason this should not happen.
-How to make this happen: Put things away, throw things away, right away!

11. To live with God in my heart, to put him first, and to aim to be the best Christian I can be.
- Why this might not happen: No reasons why it should not happen.
- How I can make this happen: to keep my Bible near my bedside. Make friends with those who believe.

12. To mediate, to attend a yoga retreat.
- Why this might not happen: A yoga retreat is very expensive.
- How I can make this happen: 1. Find a place near Charlotte; 2. Add a one day retreat in my 'things to do in LA,' list. 3. Find a retreat in NH, near my parents home.