Tuesday, February 08, 2011

35 Chapters

Welcome to the newest Chapter of My Life: Chapter 35
In two weeks, I'll be 35 years old. Or should I say, 35 years young!
Today, I'm not where I thought I would be; nor am I probably where I should be but thankfully, I'm not where I was.
I have a bright future ahead of me. I'm not so sure of that but I'm sure I'll be okay - it couldn't possibly be worse then it once was. I survived the worse of the economy and managed to find my way out of a horrible economy ...that's all behind me now.
Through thick - thin and in between I'm still who I am; there's a lot of me and it's all so luscious!
I'm not one to wait until my actual birthday, or New Years to start a new resolution or goal, so Chapter 35 starts now. Besides, my mom told me I was born late, funny because I hate to be late, it's something I've learned throughout the years.
In my new blog, I'll talk about whatever is on my mind; much like before. In the next few weeks, I may just post fun blogs such as this one: Top 35 things you should know about me - here they are in no specific order.

35. I love horses and dogs; I think all animals are adorable and I'd consider it a miracle if I could own a pet on my own.
34. I hope to own a convertible one day; and a nice every day kind of car like a Chevy - at the same time.
33. I once tried out to be a professional NFL Patriots cheerleader; it was an awesome day even though I didn't make the team.
32. When I was 13, I was on a local news show about being a teen candy striper, or as they now say, Hospital Volunteer. I volunteered for 3 years after that day.
31. I once canoed 43 miles of the Saco River in New Hampshire to Maine with a group of Girl Scouts; GS camping was my favorite part of my teen life.
30. Meeting Brett Michaels of Poison was the best part of my 15th birthday. I can't count the amount of celebrities I've met or encountered in person (since that day) on both hands.
29. Graduating from college was one the best accomplishments of my life. The other is actually passing math classes.
28. The summer of 1999 and working as a Girl Scout Camp councilor was fun and the teens taught me something important about myself. I still remember them as well as the women I worked with. That summer has a permanent place in my heart and mind.
27. Working as a nurse's aide, even for a short time was a life changing and life humbling experience.
26. Moving to Boston when I was 26, to live with two other 26 year olds, on 26 Lockland was an awesome year. We were the real life FRIENDS...kind of, sort of, not really.
25. I'm not ashamed to admit that I campaigned for Hilary Clinton when she ran for President; I am ashamed to admit that I didn't walk up to her husband, former President Clinton, to shake his hand when he stood about 10 feet away from me.
24. I am shy and it's the real reason why I never pursued a journalism career; moved to Cali after high school and became a famous person on some hit reality TV show.
23. I did major in Communications and Paralegal studies in college; I thought I'd find a job that allowed me to combine the two. FCC, anyone? JUST KIDDING.
22. Sure, I had wanted to be Political journalist - had there not been so much politics involved (sorry, dumb ass joke for you).
21. I didn't go out to party like a rock star when I turned 21 years old. It took me a few months to actually go out for drinks with friends; it took me about 4 years to actually get out to the clubs and party like a rock star, believe it or not.
20. I'd like to visit Prague one day; as a means to forgive myself for passing up a semester abroad in college.
19. Other countries I'd like to visit for pure pleasure would be Paris, Amsterdam, Australia and England.
18. I learned to speak English when I was six years-old; I still speak French; I can barely read it and I can't write it.
17. I do like go to Church and I pray often.
16. I failed my written drivers test the first time I took it.
15. I took gymnastics, ballet and dance class for ten years before I quit at the age of 15.
14. I hate winter sports and yes I have tried skiing, snowboarding and snow mobiling before coming to that conclusion.
13. The summer of 1989 was the best summer of my teen life.
12. I took my first modeling classes when I was 12 years old and decided I was going to be famous one day; and promised my mom I'd never pose for Playboy. Trust me, I do remember having that conversation with her while we drove home from Cinderella Modeling school and agency.
11. I've lived in 2 different countries, Canada and United States. I've been a resident of 4 different states (NH, MA, NY and NC); spent a summer in Vermont and a winter in South Carolina once.
10. I can't wait to have enough cash to buy a nice camper/RV and travel across America.
9. I like jazz music and coffee shops.
8. I like country music especially Miranda Lambert and Kenny Chesney.
7. My favorite sports to watch live or on TV are: football, NASCAR, Red Sox, gymnastics, cheer-leading, swimming, volleyball and surfing.
6. I love summer and water sports; I hope to surf and swim with dolphins sometime soon, very soon.
5. I plan to continue running in a few short distance marathons; my first 5K with Kasey Kahne, Jimmie Johnson and Joey Logano was a good day and look forward to more.
4. I'd like to own charitable foundation someday; for now, I just donate and get involved to gain as much experience as possible before taking the expensive plunge.
3. I agree with Cyndi Lauper, "Some boys take a beautiful girl and hide her away from the rest of the world; I want to be the one to walk in the sun." If a man wants to have my heart and keep me forever, he must never stop me from reaching for the stars or stand in my spotlight.
2. Competing in Fitness Atlantic and World Natural Sports Organization as a fitness model was the best, the greatest accomplishment in my life. I'm a better person because of the training. I learned to be self motivated; disciplined and focused.
1. Being an aunt to my niece Kami is the best relationship I've ever had; she's my light, my joy and my life.