Sunday, December 11, 2005

My way of life

(This was originally posted in December of 2005 but I still feel the same way I did then so I'm re-posting it)

Fitness, a way of life. My way of life. I love to workout. I love to lift weights, the challenge to get them dumbbells up in a perfect range of motion, for 3 sets, about 6-8 reps each set. I love the burn I get.

I love the look. I love to see my body change after long hours of lifting. The changes though, do not come easy.

This is a sport that requires a dedicated soul. You must be ready for the challenge in order to see results. It's more than 2 hours at the gym lifting or taking an aerobics class, and running on some treadmill. There is also a challenge in dieting. You must have a good, well balanced diet. Consisting of protien, veggies, carbs, fruit and water. To get serious results, you must know how to count calories, and know how many ounces of food to measure for your body type, and for you to reach the goal you wish to reach.

When you commit, and become a competitor, it's all about training and eating. This also means cutting back on many hobbies, social activities and nights out drinking, eating fast food and a quick Snickers bar, or ice cream fix. This isn't easy. No one ever said it would be. That's why it's called 'working out'; because it is working! Once you see results though, it is so worth it.

Once on stage, there is a feeling indescribable that overcomes me. I love the feeling of accomplishment. The feeling of completion, and the compliments, that tell me, it was worth the workouts.

If you are a part of this world, you understand. If you are not a part of the healthy fitness way of life, join me. If you choose to not join this world, please show respect. I talk to many people everyday, and high percentage of people truly curse this way of life. There is no reason for hate, esp. for those accomplishing a goal that will lead to long, strong, healthy way of life. Believe me, once you join me, you learn to love and respect not only yourself, but others around you, no matter what goals they choose to set forth. And you will see that, not only are you reaching a health goal, you will reach all goals you ever set for yourself!