Friday, June 29, 2012

If I died tonight

Death happens to someone everyday and whether or not we like it, we are all going to die one day.
My family has been faced with a lot of death lately, in the last four years, I've been to more funerals then I've been to baby showers and weddings.

Last summer my godmother died 7 short months after being diagnosed with cancer. It was an unexpected surprise that caught everyone off guard. She was someone who loved life and had a desire to live every day for a long time. She lost her battle on August 3rd. She had the most painful, yet beautiful funeral I've ever been to. She planned out all the fine details, from the songs, the Bible versus to the flowers. She even wrote a goodbye message to her closest relatives; it was read out loud in Church by her eldest son, and my godfather handed out a beautiful flower when the message was read (to me).

I recently read a post by a writer who honored Nora Effron, a favorite screenwriter of mine who passed away recently (for those who don't know her, some of the movies she wrote were "When Harry Met Sally," "Julia and Julia," and "Sleepless in Seattle"). This post was talking about a list Nora wrote called, "If I died tonight I won't miss - and I will miss."
I was inspired to think about my life. If I were to die today - what would I miss - what would I be thankful is over?

We always write our bucket lists of things to do while we live, but we are not guaranteed a future. We may never get to see the day we reach that goal. So how about taking the time to write out a list of things we've already accomplished? And a list of the things we won't miss?
Without further ado - here is my list.

I won't miss:
1. Cold winters & icy streets
2. Air condition
3. Taxes and bills - and high gas prices
4. House cleaning, especially dusting, dishwashing and cleaning the toilet!
5. Unnecessary cruel comments - bullies and living on defense
6. Shaving
7. Hang overs
8. My wide hips and small breasts
9. Sleepless nights and restless days
10. The not knowing -
11. Wasting tears and time on the wrong man
12. Turbulent plane rides
13. Overcrowded trains in Boston or NYC
14. Cramps and getting my period
15. Driving in traffic

 I will miss
1. Sun rises and sunsets
2. Lazy beach & lake days and nights
3. Swimming in the pool and the ocean
4. Yoga - AND Hot Yoga with Sarah!
5. My niece - my family & everything that happens to them
6. The taste of avocado
7. A glass of wine and good conversation with friends or cousins (I said a glass as in 1 or 2)
8. Reading and learning new things
9. Morning coffee breaks - the taste of delicious dark coffee
10. Trips to the race track- the sound of loud engines & a ride around the track
11. A man's kiss & touch
12. Daydreaming
13.Creative writing
14. Laughing at dumb & good jokes
15. Singing off key to my favorite song
16. Reading to children & spending time with them
17. Watching a movie at home or at the theater
18. That feeling of accomplishment
19. The euphoric high I get during and right after a work out
20. Manicures, pedicures, and body messages
21. A trip to the city (Boston and NYC)
22. Lacy, sexy lingerie
23. Wearing my bikini all day and night
23. Helping other people - volunteer a day at a shelter
24. My first trip to California - or an island - or a foreign country
25. Warm, summer rainy days
26. Rainbows
27. Chocolate
28. Smooth plane rides & looking down at Earth from the sky
29. The taste of pasta sauce
30. The smell of perfume - especially Gucci
31. Kami - even though I already said I'd miss my niece, I'll say it twice
32. Feeling the warm sand underneath my feet
33. Outdoor naps in the sun
34. Watching men play sports and drive race cars
35. Warm baths (and showers)
36. Sunny and comfortable chilly winter - snow- days
37. Campfires on cold fall nights
38. Boat trips on a lake
39. The chance to try to surf
40. Photography
41. Sitting in the media center at a race track

It's amazing how the lists turned out. I'm sure I can think of more but for now this will do. What will you miss if you died tonight?

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Snow White and the Huntsman - movie review

If there is anything that I am thankful for about the movie “Snow White and the Huntsman,” it's that it’s not a typical fairy tale story where the heroine Snow White (Kristen Stewart) and the hero (Chris Hemsworth) fall in love, get married in a huge castle filled with extravagant, unnecessary props that are too expensive for anyone to have, and live happily ever after.

The movie is centered on the Queen Ravenna (Charlize Theron). Her goal is to hold on to her youth and to live forever— as if aging is a horrible thing—thus confirming to women all over the world that it is okay to fear aging. I hate, no wait, despise that attitude, it puts a damper on being sexy over 36, which I happen to believe 36 is the new thirty-sexy. 

With that said, Queen Ravenna does own the film because she commands your attention. I will say that I believe Charlize Theron deserves an Academy Award for her role.

Much like the fairy tale you’ll see at Disney, the wicked Queen speaks to her mirror, “Mirror Mirror on the wall, who is the fairest one of all?”

Unlike the cute Disney movie, the mirror is a gold plate, and gold, brass object that becomes a statue when he responds to her.

To hold on to her youth, Queen Ravenna must find a way to age - or to kill -  all the young beautiful maidens of the land.

Snow White happens to be the one maiden who can destroy the Queen, but more importantly, if the Queen steals Snow White’s heart, the Queen will live looking like a 25 year old her whole endless life.

As if 25 is the best age, it’s not. Trust me.

I do hate that Queen Ravenna fears aging instead of finding a way to age gracefully, and the film makers made it out to seem that the older a woman gets, the less appealing she is. But I do love that they put Snow White in a position to fight for her life, alongside the Huntsman, as opposed to making her a helpless young lady who fears breaking a nail.

The film is not one for younger audiences, and I’m thankful for that. It’s also not one looking for a hopeless romantic comedy for those who get lost in fairy tale stories that are about unrealistic romance and the unrealistic Prince Charming. It’s a scary, dark science fiction film that’s violent, and Snow White isn’t pretty either, well, not until she cleans up anyway, then she’s beautiful. She’s vicious, almost stronger then the Huntsman, and her nails are dirty.

In the end, we’re left guessing, is she with the Huntsman, or with the Duke? Who knows? Who cares? She regained the power that was rightfully hers; she becomes the Queen of the land, the one in charge of the townspeople, whom everyone adores. She did it by fighting for her life, by stepping out of the norm that women are supposed to be rescued by a man that’ll do it for her.

As for aging, Queen Ravenna needed to learn how to make older look sexy …just saying.

****  I give this movie 4 out of 5 stars solely because of excessive violence - and I don't like sci-fi! 

Monday, June 11, 2012

8 Simple Rules of Dating me- Rule 1

In the next eight days, I'll do something fun - I'll post my dating rules. There are eight of them, and they are all so simple.

I just heard you say,  "that's a bit harsh Gen!" - didn't I?

Well, maybe so. Let's face it, I've made a lot of dating mistakes, actually I've been very successful at failing in every relationship I've ever been in.  Since I can't tell you what other people want or like in relationships, I'll tell you what I do like and want in my relationships.

It amuses me that people assume that singletons are single because they fear rejection- or that we're too lazy to take on responsibility. How so? Rejection is a part of every day life, and we must face it whether we're single or not. To  live a happy single life, you must be self-motivated, confident, and self-aware. You're also responsible for absolutely everything you have - no on is there to help. You can't fear rejection, nor can you be afraid of the unknown. For everyday is a mystery.

I have a bold personality. I put myself out there and I take risks. I've made a fool of myself in public - while interviewing celebrity athletes. If I fear anything, it's the fear of never doing anything risky again. 

I do fear becoming complacent.

I wonder why people also assume that if I were  to be in a relationship, I'd be happier. Without going into specific detail, and to not lose sight of the purpose of this blog, I do want to say the number of adults my age living single, (without children) is at it's highest it's ever been in the history of mankind. 

Though I do enjoy this outgoing, supposedly glamorous lifestyle of living single, I also enjoy dating from time to time. And sometimes, I wish that dating, there was someone looking out to throw either the green, yellow, or red flags at you - like they do during a NASCAR race. Actually, we do have friends that throw out the flag, we probably ignore them. One major reason for all the failed relationships is that I've ignored every red flag that was thrown my way and proceeded without caution, -even with that yellow flag waving in my face. I dared to ("green flag") date men that were so different than me, that the relationship was doomed from the start.

Without further ado, here is the start to the dating series: 8 Simple Rules to date me. These rules are stemmed from previous dating experiences, and they are the eight red flags I hope to see...and maybe one day, when I stop compromising so easily and stick to my guns, I'll find Mr. Big. 

RED FLAG ONE: You must love my glasses.

An odd rule, I know. But I have an ex who seriously made it clear that he hated to see me wearing my glasses. He argued with me often about going out to get lasik eye surgery.
picture taken spring of 2011

Trust me, it was an eye-opening experience. His dis-approval actually hurt my feelings, but it also confirmed that I love wearing glasses. He's out of the picture, and I still have my glasses!

 If I were rich, I'd buy more glasses of different shapes/styles, and color. Glasses are my accessory,  I would actually match my glasses with my clothes. I'd also buy more sunglasses too. 

If you're the type of guy that wants me to get lasik eye surgery, then we're not going to be able to date. 

Love Genevieve